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1st Art

What are the chances that I will live my life getting everything I want? Most people would say nada! A few pessimistic people will say everything will fall into pieces. But the truth is, we can’t get everything, but we can do something about what we want the most.

Wanderlust. It’s an impulse, a desire. The non-believer would say it’s a psychological condition that needs to be curbed. But for we who have it, we know better than stay in the four corner of our fortitude.

I have been living a life of isolation, living in four corner. One corner is work, the others are home, family, and social obligation. But thanks to this isolation, I have come to a stage where I can finally break from this corners and live a life outside my box.

To finally have the freedom to use my feet to satisfy my wanderlust, explore the world, take on adventure, and forge my own story, this is what I want the most. It’s not everything, but I know it will be something worth remembering… and writing.

Hop on, we are going on a travel




Starting Anew

I’ve been traveling since 2011. Not that frequent, but I’ve been to at least enough places to consider myself as a wanderer. I’ve been documenting my travels through my old blog which I started, out of impulse and excitement. Unfortunately, it is now a dormant blog.

After almost 4 years of traveling, I felt the need of documentation, for me to remind me of where I’ve been, what I’ve encountered and the feeling I got out of it. It gets difficult to tell stories to friends that I’ve been to a place but  couldn’t exactly remember the name of that place, that I’ve seen unique stuffs but couldn’t exactly burst out what was it. I just simply need a narrative documentation.

SkySeaker is a brand new project. It is a collaborative travel blog with a fellow traveler and friend. I call it as my new beginning. This is our attempt to begin again and focus on what matters most to us – traveling.



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