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Starting Anew

I’ve been traveling since 2011. Not that frequent, but I’ve been to at least enough places to consider myself as a wanderer. I’ve been documenting my travels through my old blog which I started, out of impulse and excitement. Unfortunately, it is now a dormant blog.

After almost 4 years of traveling, I felt the need of documentation, for me to remind me of where I’ve been, what I’ve encountered and the feeling I got out of it. It gets difficult to tell stories to friends that I’ve been to a place but  couldn’t exactly remember the name of that place, that I’ve seen unique stuffs but couldn’t exactly burst out what was it. I just simply need a narrative documentation.

SkySeaker is a brand new project. It is a collaborative travel blog with a fellow traveler and friend. I call it as my new beginning. This is our attempt to begin again and focus on what matters most to us – traveling.



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