Stepping on the Land of Indonesia


As I embark on my first solo travel outside my country, excitement encompasses me instead of fear and confidence was seen on me instead of qualms. I didn’t know what lies ahead of me, yet I was carefree and felt like nothing’s different.

The moment I stepped outside of the Jakarta airport, I knew I had no idea which way to go. There were voices hollering inside my head, language that I cannot fathom. It now struck me. This is something new, I’m outside of the Philippines and there’s no single word that I can recognize. I turned to the direction which my subconscious mind dictated me. It was dark, but I didn’t feel scared at all. I knew I’ll get by. I just needed to find the bus station.

It wasn’t long enough when I found the bus station. I was not just sure though if it’s the right bus station that will lead me to Gambir train station. I planned to go to Yogyakarta which is an 8-hour train ride away from Jakarta. It was past 4 in the morning, I approached a decent looking guy while silently hoping that we could communicate in English. It relieved me, that he speaks English and that there’s a bus from there going to the train station.

It was December 25 – a holiday, most Indonesians are taking the opportunity of this holiday to go out of the city. I happened to be coming from Jakarta City going to a touristy Yogyakarta. A flock of people was in front of me. For a moment, pessimism crept in. I was not prepared to be stuck in a train station, in a foreign land and without a plan. I regained my peace of mind when the ticketing guy assured me that there’s still a seat available going to Yogyakarta and will leave at 7am.

As I waited at the station, I tried charging my phone and foolishly discovered that my charger doesn’t fit in. I tried talking to the guy next to me but he had no interest on what I was saying. I guess he wasn’t able to understand me. Luckily, an old guy at the back of my seat approached me and tried to find a charger in his bag that would fit in my phone. We chatted for a while. He was like a friend worrying for my safety because I was there alone, traveling and can’t even speak a single Bahasa Indonesia word. Nevertheless, he accompanied me to the gate when the train was ready to go. He made sure that I hop on the right train. He even wished that I encounter kindhearted people throughout my journey.

We may not have that long conversation; it was still my first taste of kindness in Indonesia. As soon as I found my reserved seat at the train, I started to rest my eyes, knowing that there are strangers in front and beside me. I still felt safe as I slowly fell asleep.






First Step

1st Art

What are the chances that I will live my life getting everything I want? Most people would say nada! A few pessimistic people will say everything will fall into pieces. But the truth is, we can’t get everything, but we can do something about what we want the most.

Wanderlust. It’s an impulse, a desire. The non-believer would say it’s a psychological condition that needs to be curbed. But for we who have it, we know better than stay in the four corner of our fortitude.

I have been living a life of isolation, living in four corner. One corner is work, the others are home, family, and social obligation. But thanks to this isolation, I have come to a stage where I can finally break from this corners and live a life outside my box.

To finally have the freedom to use my feet to satisfy my wanderlust, explore the world, take on adventure, and forge my own story, this is what I want the most. It’s not everything, but I know it will be something worth remembering… and writing.

Hop on, we are going on a travel



Starting Anew

I’ve been traveling since 2011. Not that frequent, but I’ve been to at least enough places to consider myself as a wanderer. I’ve been documenting my travels through my old blog which I started, out of impulse and excitement. Unfortunately, it is now a dormant blog.

After almost 4 years of traveling, I felt the need of documentation, for me to remind me of where I’ve been, what I’ve encountered and the feeling I got out of it. It gets difficult to tell stories to friends that I’ve been to a place but  couldn’t exactly remember the name of that place, that I’ve seen unique stuffs but couldn’t exactly burst out what was it. I just simply need a narrative documentation.

SkySeaker is a brand new project. It is a collaborative travel blog with a fellow traveler and friend. I call it as my new beginning. This is our attempt to begin again and focus on what matters most to us – traveling.



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